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Finding Apartments for Sale – Tips for Buyers

Real estate brokers are people we cannot escape if we are planning to shift our residence. So, the first point of contact is the Internet where we try to target and shortlist some of the top sites which offer the contact details of brokers, builders or maybe owners of...

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Trends in Real Estate in Kerala

Each village and town in Kerala is a property (commercial and/or residential) hotspot as the native people of Kerala, or the Malayalee, is living far away from Kerala, the ones abroad as well as the ones who live in different parts of the country, have one dream in...

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Boons of Infrastructure near Tata Tritvam

Resplendent sunrises, glorious sunsets, and a blanket of dewy green tropical mountains: this is what Tata’s new waterfront luxury project, Tritvam, is all about. Tritvam brings together world-renowned architect Woods Bagot of Australia and internationally acclaimed...

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